Mods in meinem Skyrim-Projekt

Hier seht ihr eine Liste aller Mods, die zum Zeitpuntk der Aufnahme bei mir installiert und aktiviert waren.

(folgende Mods waren nur in den ersten drei Episoden aktiv; sie sind überflüssig, weil SkyUI ihre Funktion ersetzt: Categorized Favorites Menu, Map HUD Enhanced)

Accinginte Vos
Alduins Wings
A Matter of Time
Apachii Sky Hair
Audio Overhaul for Skyrim
Better Decapitation Gore Texture
Better Dynamic Snow
Better Skyrim Intro
Better Standing Animation (Style 2)
Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition (CBBE)
Calientes Vanilla Armor for CBBE
Catwalk Fix Normal
Climates of Tamriel
CNO – Cell Name Overhaul (by Pesti)
Crimson Tide
Dread Huntress Armor Echo
Easier Smithing
Enhanced Night Skyrim (Color Galaxy)
Feminine Running
Glowing Ore Veins
Hentaigale Armor
High Quality Eyes
Hoths Main Menu Music Replacer
HQ Firewood – more ragged
Immersive Skyrim Thunder
Immersive Sounds – Aural Assortment
Improved Combat Sounds
Jeans for CBBE (Julia Set)
Karliah Armor
KenMOD – Time on loading screen
Killing traps
Lightning during Thunder Storms
Lovely Hairstyles
Luba SkyWings
Lush trees and Grass
Main Font Replacement – Fertigo Pro
Maxi Armor
Monster Retex Pack
More loot from chests
More Snow
More Rain
Mystical Illumination (Glowing Signs)
Real Animals Pack – Bears, Foxes, Rats, Spiders
Relighting Skyrim
RIS – Real Ice and Snow (Extreme Watery Icicle & Bright Snow)
Saviors armor female replaces dragonplate armor
Scarlet Dawn Armor
Sexy Boats
Sexy Riften
Sexy Solitude
Sexy Villages and Towns
Sexy Whiterun (+ Dirt Road)
Sexy Windhelm
Sexy Winterhold College
Shanoa Armor
Shiny Coins
Sit Animation (Pose 1)
SkyFalls and SkyMills
Skyrim Scary Monster Makeover
SkyTEST – Realistic Animals and Predators
Smoking Hot Main Menu
Sounds of Skyrim – Civilization, Dungeons & Wilds
Static Mesh Improvement Mod (SMIM)
Stones of Barenzia Quest Markers
Stronger Dawnbreaker (by Pesti)
Temptress Race
True Dovakhiin Fire and Frost Breath
Vendors have more money
Warmer and Brighter Lights
White and Black Daedric weapons and armor retex
Wicked Moons Retex

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Es wer doch gut wen du die Links einfügst von die mods…..

bei steam Workshop habe ich nur ein gefunden xD